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5 Stars

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5 Stars

I felt Dr. Chawla really listened to me and validated that the symptoms I was experiencing were very real, when my other doctors said there was nothing wrong with me.
5 Stars

I and most of the adult members of my family have all been patients of Dr. Yapp. He is an outstanding and caring doctor and we are so grateful to have access to his services.
5 Stars

Dr. Yapp help cure and save a family member from colon cancer. I was worried about my colon. Dr. Yapp not only made me feel at easy, he removed a large polyp that had a high risk for colon cancer. He has cared for my entire family, and all of us think the world of him. He a great doctor and has my highest recommendation.
5 Stars

Dr. Yapp never gave up, after numerous attempts to cure my liver disease, Dr. Yapp cured me. Thank you, great doctor, giving me a longer and better life.
5 Stars

He is a warm, compassionate doctor who totally can make an embarrassing, uncomfortable topic and test and make his patient feel relaxed. He is the best and I have seen a lot
5 Stars

i have been a patient Of Dr Yapp since 1998. My Dad met Dr Yapp, when he had to go to Edward Hospital ER, because he couldn't swallow. Dr Yapp was the on call GI Doctor that cold winter night 1997. Turns out my Dad had a piece of Roast Beef lodged in his Esophagus....and this is how my story begins......

I have a long complicated Health History of Digestive Problems & Fibromyalgia. Not to mention Depression. I have seen Dr Yapp for routine visits over the years, procedures but more so in the past 2 years as I have been ill with a "mystery" illness and Hospitalized 6 times.

Dr Yapp is extremely knowledgeable, patient & compassionate. Dr Yapp is interested in what is happening in your life that may be contributing to your Health Challenge. Dr. Yapp ordered every possible test possible to try to find out what was causing me to be so ill but nothing out of the norm was coming up. So, he sent me to see the Chief GI Doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital who was one of his Professor's while in School.

I know that I have tested Dr Yapp's Patience, aggravated him and stumped him over the 16 years that I have been seeing him. I am fairly sure he sometimes shakes his head & wishes I was another Doctor's Patient...... But, he hasn't given up on me or my Health Challenges!!! I have been not taken seriously by other Doctors because my Health Challenges are not the Normal Textbook Case. But, Dr Yapp is different. He is interested in Healing not just Medicine.

Congrats! On your Award! Very Impressive and Earned. After 3 trips to Mayo Clinic I am finally on the road to recovery! But, you will always be my #1 Digestive Doc!!!

5 Stars

I was diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis C with advanced fibrosis and possible early cirrhosis in August of 2014. Dr. Clark did a through workup on me and prescribed for me the medications that I need to cure me of this disease which I have had for perhaps 30 years. The medications are very costly and my insurance is not the best but the specialty pharmacy they worked with got my prescriptions approved with a minimal amount of work or stress on my part. For a 51 year old man who is otherwise healthy I was looking at the very real possibility of a liver transplant (if I would have been fortunate enough to receive one and there are no guarantees of that) or a slow early death from liver failure. I begin my treatment today and since the cure rates are close to 90% I have every expectation of being disease free in 84 days. The support staff at Digestive Health Services are competent, caring and courteous as well as highly professional. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Clark and all the staff at DHS. They have saved my liver and quite likely they have saved my life and for that I am eternally grateful!

Thank You All!

- CP