Flavors of Chicago 2016 Medical Honoree is our very own Rockford Yapp!

The American Liver Foundation Great Lakes Division is thrilled to honor Dr. Rockford Yapp, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital.  Dr. Yapp has provided his leadership and expertise to the Great Lakes Division for many years, as Past President and Member of our Medical Advisory Committee.  He has brought many innovative educational programming forums to our organization including our series of Liver Symposiums which deliver liver health and disease information to patients, the general public and healthcare professionals.  » Read more about: Flavors of Chicago 2016 Medical Honoree is our very own Rockford Yapp!  »

Hepatitis C Treatment in Chicago, IL

We are happy to report, Digestive Health Services, along with University of Chicago and Northwestern, have completed one of several clinical studies that has lead to FDA approval for the latest treatment for Hepatitis C infected patients.  The new drug, Harvoni,  a combination of Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir, provides an amazing 90-100% cure rate of HCV infections, with minimal adverse events.  There are many additional new therapies and advancements in the treatment of HCV, that will be approved soon.  » Read more about: Hepatitis C Treatment in Chicago, IL  »

IBS in Women

Studies show that one out of every five Americans has IBS. 75 percent of them are women. Because there is no specific evidence on why more women suffer from IBS, researchers focus on a range of women’s health issues with a special emphasis on hormonal influence. Here are a few findings about IBS symptoms specifically found in women:
1. Pregnancy hormones can result in an improvement for many women who suffer from IBS. However, the menstrual cycle often makes IBS symptoms worse.  » Read more about: IBS in Women  »